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Red Rock Bicycle has been serving Southern Utah for over 20 years.

Starting out as a tiny shop on Flood Street with a focus on quality repairs and bicycles, the shop has grown to become the biggest in Southern Utah. During those years we have worked hard to provide excellent customer service and the best repairs possible. We feel it shows as we have been a Top 100 Dealer for three years running.

We started as a repair centered bicycle shop and although we have grown significantly, we’ve never lost that focus. Our mechanics have a combined experience of over 50 years. The Red Rock Service Center is the only Shimano Service Center in all of Southern Utah. This provides you with in-house warranty assessment and expedited processing on all Shimano Warranties. Plus all of our mechanics are trained by Shimano’s own technicians. We also have the most experience suspension technicians who can service most makes and models of forks.

While our Service Center is busy behind the scenes keeping your bike running perfectly, our Sales Staff is quick to help and always willing to share a smile. Along the same lines as our expert level of technicians, our Salespeople are passionate about the sport and are constantly receiving training to ensure they know which products will best serve your purposes.

Ride More. It’s been our tagline for a long time, but it’s more than just a few words that we like to tack onto our logo. No, it’s the Red Rock Bicycle way of life.

Everybody that works at Red Rock Bicycle rides. Not all of us ride the same types of bikes or even participate in the same disciplines, but we all ride. It’s a thread that has held true since the beginning days of the shop. The reason: if you ride, you tend to have a passion for it. You learn the products that work, what trails are fun or what races you would do again. We’ve always felt that it was in our customers’ best interest to be helped by people that ride.

The most common question we hear in the shop is “Have you been riding?” The most common response is, “Not enough.” I can say that no one has ever answered, “Yes, too much.” Mostly because that isn’t even possible. Riding is good for you. It keeps you healthy, makes you feel good and is fun. You just can’t get enough.

Ride More is the driving factor behind many of the things that we do at Red Rock Bicycle that make us different. Our number one goal is to provide you with the products and services that allow you to ride more. Whether that means a couple times a month or everyday, everywhere, we’ve got you covered.

24 Hour Turn Around on Repairs

It’s hard to ride your bike when it’s sitting in the shop waiting to be worked on. It’s also frustrating to be waiting for an appointment to take your bike in when it isn’t working correctly. With that in mind, we have beefed up our Service Center staff adding two new experienced technicians to the mix and added another work station. We are committed to making sure you can ride your bike and don’t have to wait to get it fixed. Drop it off and we’ll do everything in our power to get it back to you in 24 hours.

Perfect Build Guarantee

Every bike that is purchased from Red Rock Bicycle begins its life by being disassembled. That’s correct. We take the almost completely assembled bike and take it apart. We do this so we can guarantee that there is grease where there should be, that the torque spec on all the bolts is correct, that the wheels are true, and the bearings properly adjusted. This takes us an extra 1-2 hours depending on the type of bike. We do this because we want to be able to hand you a bike that has been assembled correctly. Our Perfect Build Guarantee also means that we will take care of the “break in” period of your bike. Every bike goes through some settling causing the shifting to be a little off or the brakes to feel soft. We’ll take care of these adjustments for you to keep you riding for a full year.

Free Suspension Fork Service

One of the most neglected parts of a mountain bike happens to also be one of the most expensive to replace, the suspension fork. These high performance forks will provide you with years of smooth riding if properly maintained. In an effort to ensure that your fork is properly maintained, we will include a coupon to cover your first fork service within 90 days of purchasing a full suspension mountain bike. We’re confident you will feel a difference and love the smooth ride your fork will provide.

Body Geometry Fit

Red Rock Bicycle is the only shop in Southern Utah with a dedicated fit studio and four certified fitters on staff. We have dedicated the space and resources necessary to offer our customers the best fit possible. We did this because a bike that doesn’t feel right or isn’t comfortable, won’t get ridden. To ensure that all new road bikes are as dialed as possible so you can stomp the pedals comfortably for hours, we include a free fit with every road bike purchase.

Employee Training

Beyond the fact that every single one of our employees rides a bike on a regular basis, we feel that giving our customers that absolute best is worth what it costs us to have them factory trained. Our employees, whether a service technician or a sales person, have been factory trained. We send all of our sales staff to SBCU to get the inside scoop on all the new products and technology coming down. For our service technicians, we send them to various different clinics to ensure that we have a certified, factory trained technician to cover all makes and models. Our mechanics have been trained by Shimano, SRAM, Fox Racing Shox and Specialized.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in our service technicians, the training they have received and their ability to sort out problems. If for any reason we cannot fix your bike, come back and see us. We’ll do our best to make any issue right and if we can’t, we will give you your money back.

Ride More. It’s who we are. It’s our tagline because we want to ride as much as possible and we want our customers to be able to do the same.