Are you participating in the Desperado Duel on July 21st? We sure hope so. If you haven’t yet, there is still time to sign up.
At last year’s Desperado, we held our first ever Strava KOM Challenge with one segment. It was a success and everyone had a great time with it. This year, we are excited to offer each distance their own segment and will have prizes for the KOM and QOM for each segment. To participate, you must be signed up for the ride and you must log the ride and have it uploaded by the end of the day. The segments are specific to the distance you are signed up for. That way someone doing the 150 won’t get blown up attempting the 50 segment and those doing the 100 aren’t competing against those pushing through to the 150.
The DD50 Segment

The DD109 Segment

The DD150 Segment

We hope to see you all there.