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Kids Ride Free

Let me introduce you to a couple of cool cats.

The guy on the left is Joel. He’s a technician here and happens to also ride road bikes, well, most any bike, but for this instance we are going to focus on the road side. He used to race. Then had a family. Joel started working for Red Rock last Fall. As soon as he had heard about our events, he was ready to get back on the pave and do some long rides. But this isn’t about him.

The guy on the right, that’s what this is all about, is Jonas. He is Joel’s son and happens to only be 12 years old.

I first met Jonas as he popped in to see his dad. He had ridden to the shop (something we love to see) and kinda hung around for a bit before pedaling off. This has become a fairly regular thing. We see Jonas once or twice a week.

Some time in the Spring, he approached me and I could tell he was excited. He informed me that he was planning on riding the Tour de St. George with his dad. He was stoked. I saw him at the start line before the ride and the energy had not subsided. He asked me how many kids had signed up, which I had no answer for. He finished the 65. Then the same thing happened leading up to Ride the Gap.

He was particularly excited about the last one. He was ecstatic to be doing his first century and was sure he was the only kid doing it. After riding through the Spring, this one was his big goal. And he did awesome! Finishing well before his dad.


We love to see kids on bikes. Whether they are riding to school, participating in the Flying Monkeys High School mountain bike team or the Lil Shredders learning safety during our kids events, it doesn’t matter how they are riding, we are for it.

In fact, we got thinking that there were a lot of things going on for kids to do on bikes, but it wasn’t enough. I mean, can you ever have too many things for kids to do on bikes? We don’t think so either. So we got together with our good friends Ride Southern Utah and have worked out a new deal. Any kid between 11-18 can ride for free as long as they are accompanied for the entire ride by a paying adult. Pretty sweet, huh? We thought so.

To participate, sign up for one of their events. In your confirmation email there will be instructions on signing up your kid!


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