January. What can you do with it?

Well, if you live in Southern Utah you can go ride your bike. Unlike most places in Utah, St. George is usually quite nice in the dead of winter. We aren’t the type to keep those kinds of things a secret and a few years ago we started Festival del Sol with just that in mind. FDS is 3 days of mountain biking in January. And it’s free.

The riding starts on Saturday and this year we headed up the Zen trail to kick off the festivities. Breaking into three groups (Fast, Fun and My Own Speed), we launched off and began the climb to the top. Zen is one of our favorite trails. We took the time to show off some of the local lines and session the harder moves.

After a break for lunch, we reconvened and headed out to the Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail. With less riders making their way back for the 2nd ride, we stayed as one group and followed our SOP and showed off lines and sessioned anything that anyone wanted to give a go.

Day 2 is one of the most popular rides in our area, Gooseberry Mesa. We gathered here at the shop and then carpooled out to the mesa for a killer Sunday ride.

With legs that were begging to not ride anymore, we headed out for a lap on two often overlooked trails in St. George, Paradise Rim and City Creek or as we like to call this ride, Paradise City. I mean it’s a ride that already has its own song.

Photo thanks to Jack Slade
Photo thanks to Jack Slade

We hope it’s obvious that we had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next year.