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Getting that “perfect” fit

The average person can walk into a clothing store and find clothing that fits. The problem is the average person isn’t anyone I know. They are a conglomeration of all of us and in the end, the clothing fits, but it’s not perfect. If you want perfect, you need a tailor. A skilled craftsman that can look at you, at your specific measurements and taylor that dress or suit to fit you perfectly. The bicycle industry is similar. The average person can buy a bike off the rack and it will “fit,” but to have it be perfect you need that tailor to make the adjustments that are specific to you.

Over the years, the cycling industry has followed trends that made sense within their given time frame. Look back at bikes from 20-30 years ago and you will wonder how anyone ever rode long enough to wear a bike out. Road bikes had very narrow bars with deep drops. The brake levers were positioned off the front of the bar to allow for braking in the drops. Braking from the perches, well that wasn’t an option. The shifters were located on the down tube making changing gears a scary proposition. I won’t even start on the saddles. Ouch!

It's beautiful, but not very comfortable.
It’s beautiful, but not very comfortable.

Luckily, the cycling industry has spent the past two decades improving the fit of bikes. The advent of the compact frame, made that off-the-shelf fit much easier. Ergonomic handlebars, once unheard of, are now becoming the norm. The shifters and brake levers have been molded into one allowing braking and shifting from both the perches and the drops. No more moving your hands to stop. There now is a saddle designed for every sit-bone width, every pelvic shape and every riding position. The average consumer has a much better chance of finding a bike that fits.

Even with the incorporation of ergonomics into bicycle design, that off-the-shelf fit is never going to be perfect because it is based on the average person. For a perfect fit, the bike needs to be made for you. For example, the saddle that is spec’d on your size bike, may not be the right one for your sit-bone width. Your flexibility may limit your reach, requiring a shorter stem. These are the details that can be perfected by a bike tailor, aka a Body Geometry Fit Technician. He will take that great bicycle and make it perfect for you.

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  1. Paul Swift on 28 Jan 2018 at 11:14 am

    Just wanted to say you guys have some nice tips. Well illustrated and nice to read. Well done.

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