Red Rock Trail Crew

For over 20 years, Red Rock Bicycle Co has supported trail development and trail maintenance.  However as mountain biking has grown in popularity and trail use has increased, we decided it was time to take the next step.  By partnering with the Greater Zion Tourism office and Visit Cedar City, we have created the Red Rock Trail Crew program.  Within that program we have a full time, dedicated trail maintenance professional who is tasked with keeping our Southern Utah trails great.

How to get involved:

Step 1: Support the Trail Crew apparel program available at both locations.
Step 2: Thank our community partners.
Kevin Lewis – Washington County Tourism
Maria Twitchell – Iron County Tourism
Step 3: Read and share our online Trail Crew content.
Step 4: Join our email list and participate in trail maintenance events

Interests (must select “Trail Crew”):

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