Riding bikes is rad. Riding bikes with friends is even more rad. Riding bikes and making new friends is the most rad.
If there is one thing we get asked more than anything else, it’s about group rides. It seems everyone is looking for a place, time and group to ride with. We hear you. We feel you. And we do our best to get the word out. We also recognize that not everyone does the Book of Faces or is into tweetering or snagging that Gram, so we do our best to put our group rides up in several different spots.

Ride Calendar
We keep and maintain an event calendar on our website, the one you are on right now. It’s not the easiest platform, but it’s centralized and consistent. Rides that are on our site tend to be consistently scheduled and have a following of people that show up to ride.
This is also a nice platform as it is a calendar making it easy for you to see rides on days you are available.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for a lot of conversations or improvisation of rides and we don’t have an easy way for group rides to be added. If you have a ride you would like to put on our calendar, shoot an email to lukas@redrockbicycle.com with the details and we’ll get it posted. We typically need a minimum of 7 days notice.
The Book of Faces has made quite the effort to completely take over our lives, including helping us figure out what non-digital social things we are going to be doing. Our group rides are put up on our Facebook page as events. You can check back often or like our page and you’ll see them rotate through your feed. As I’m sure you already know, these events allow for a little more interaction as you can comment and get responses within Facebook.
Strava is a newer, less familiar place for folks to look for group rides, but has quickly gained popularity. We post all of our group rides in our Strava Club. If you join, you will get a notification in your feed that there is a ride happening. You can also see what rides are coming up by going into the club and clicking upcoming events. Much like Facebook, Strava allows you to comment and post within the event which we do our best to respond to quickly so you know exactly what is happening.
The biggest advantage to joining our Strava Club is the ability to post within the club. Unlike other social media platforms, Strava Clubs are much more interactive allowing members to reach out to each other without being bothered with needing an admin to approve the post. If you have a ride and/or time you plan to go on, post it up. With over 500 other local cyclists, there’s a good chance there is someone else looking for a similar outing.

Red Rock Ambassadors
Within the Red Rock Family, we have ambassadors that are more than willing to help out new cyclists get going, seasoned cyclists find a place that works for them and even racers who need someone to challenge them. If you feel better about a more one on one approach, contact us and we’ll find someone that fits your riding style and intensity to help introduce you to the community.