I recently bought a road bike.

Now, as a devoted mountain biker, I’m hearing some harassment kind words from mountain biking friends for doing so, along with hearing some jokes encouraging tips on how to dress, act, and eat. But a bike is fun, no matter what kind. And there are a few good reasons I bought a road bike, including beauty, intensity, and love.

I also bought the bike for a less intense riding experience. All the things I love about mountain biking can also just be a little too much sometimes: the zen-like focus necessary to staying (hopefully) accident-free; the rock-laden dirt; being able to talk to your riding partner(s) only when you’re stopped for a break.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know that the road can be intense. But for me, the 15-mile sweet ride through Zion Canyon, alongside a friend whom I can talk with along the way while being able to enjoy the scenery, and just . . . ride. . .I really enjoy that.

But the main reason I bought the bike is for love.

My dear husband of 26 years is a die-hard roadie, and while he is okay to mountain bike, he prefers the road, having been an avid rider since he was 14. And since we like each other, we like bikes, and we like being outdoors, riding on the road or paved trail is a great way to be together.
(I actually had considered buying me a road bike for him as our latest anniversary gift, because of what better gift for him than more time with me?! But I was told that was a “dude-move”, and decided against it. That was smart.)

Thankfully, I won’t be riding my honey’s 80+ mile training rides with him, but rides through Zion Canyon or some chill miles on the Virgin River trail or Southern Parkway? I’m in. And who knows, maybe I’ll grow to love riding on the road as much as I love riding on the mountains, like other cyclists do, seeing benefits from both types of riding and how they complement each other.

The important thing is to be outside and to be on a bike. So just get on your bike, and RIDE—however, wherever, and with whomever you want.

Written by Summer Barry