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On-the-go Coffee

The squad gathered at the shop just as the first rays of light were peaking over Foremaster Ridge. As these things go, we had one person that was running late so we rode donuts until they arrived and then at a punctual 6:08 we headed out. Destination: the Sugarloaf. We had about as wide of a variety of bikes as could be possible. There were adventure backs bagged out and carrying too much water. There were fixie bikes being ridden with flip flops. To round out the group we had 2 cross bikes and a gravel bike being ridden in full Red Rock Bicycle kit.

IMG_2715We had all risen before the sun and made our way to the shop to combine two of our favorite things: coffee and bikes. We love coffee, we love it so much we have our own blend(available only at the store), we give away French Press coffee on the weekends and have dedicated a section of the shop for, well, coffee. I think it goes without saying that we also love bikes. The idea was born out of the love of both of those things. The plan went something like this, get up early and meet at the shop. From the shop, we’ll ride up to the Red Hill and brew coffee while we watch the sunrise.

It turned out this is one of the better ideas we’ve had. Not only was the ride pleasant, but watching the city awaken as the sun cast it’s rays across the valley was well worth getting up early. Top that off with good friends and coffee and you have yourself a winning morning.

IMG_2759Coffee on the go is pretty simple. You need:

  1. Coffee
  2. Press
  3. Water
  4. Heat
  5. Hobo Cup

Coffee is pretty simple. Everyone has their own taste buds and knows what they like. We happen to be partial to our Ride Southern Utah blend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have coffee on the go without it. It just might not be as good. We like to grind our beans just before leaving for our ride so they are nice and fresh. They can be stored in the bottom of your press for transport to your coffee enjoying spot.

We are huge fans of French Press coffee. Not only is it super easy to make, it tastes amazing and the only specialty piece required is the press. The picture above shows Mitch with his single serve press made by GSI. Many of your stove makers, like MSR and Jetboil have attachments or kits to turn their pots into presses. And of course, you can just bring a regular press.

Water is even easier. Put some in a Nalgene or your water bottle on your bike or your hydration pack or your canteen, whatever it is, just bring some water.

Heat is probably the most complicated. You need a stove, lighter or matches and a pot to boil the water in. The current favorite setup is the MSR Micro Rocket. It’s compact, light and boils water pretty quick. The MSR Windburner is another favorite as it incorporates your pot, press and stove all in one and boils a liter of water in 2.5 minutes. Of course, if you are a DIY Macgyver type, there are plenty of options out there as well.

And then all you need is a hobo cup to put it in and sip away.

IMG_2748Once you have all the ingredients, the rest kind of figures itself out. Grind the coffee and put it in the press. Boil the water. Add it to the press. Let it sit for a few minutes. Press and enjoy the sunrise from your favorite look out.


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