Hello everyone. My name is Jerri Jorgensen. I’ve lived in St George for 26 years, we have eight children, eight grandchildren, and I’m almost 65 years old.

Fourteen months ago I walked into Red Rock Bicycle as I had the thought of taking up mountain biking. Who takes up mountain biking as a brand new hobby at my age?? Oh yeah, that would be me!

I took several sessions of golf lessons, realizing “well this ain’t it”.  I’ve been active my whole life and I love challenging myself out of my so-called “comfort zones.”

Most of my friends told me I was crazy to start mountain biking at my age. Eh!  I may not bounce like I used to, (might be a splat or two) AND I knew I wanted to try it.

So, walking into Red Rock I saw a gorgeous cool turquoise Specialized Stumpjumper.

It had my name all over it. I asked “what’ll this bike do for me?”

Little did I know what this bike WOULD do for me:

  1. I smile every dang time I’m on it.
  2. I’m getting stronger, learning techniques and staying so very healthy, mentally as well as physically.
  3. I have met the most amazing friends who let me bike with them (I think they just think I’m funny!).
  4. The group rides (thank you Shirley and Bobbie!!) are such a highlight to my week.
  5. The incredible coaching (thank you again Shirley and Bobbie).

I thank God everyday for the health to enjoy this hobby and the wonderful people to let this journey be magical. (Especially love biking with my husband Mark).There are so many parallels to life in biking.

I call them the three C’s.

  • CREATE the life I desire.
  • COURAGE to get out there, take a risk, knowing that the payoff is amazing.
  • COMMITMENT to trust myself, my bike, to keep rolling to stay upright!

No matter your age, get up, get  out there, take a risk and smile the heck out of life.

Get a bike!  Your body, spirit, and soul will be grateful!

Written by Jerri Jorgensen