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2016 Fall Tour de St. George

The Ride

674 cyclists headed out at 8 AM this past Saturday as part of the annual Tour de St. George. There were three different lengths of rides offered to cyclists; a 35 miler, 75 miler and 100 miler also known as a century. The Tour de St. George is known for being a difficult ride for many as there are plenty of ups and downs to maneuver and not many flat spots due to the geography of the area.

Ira Sorenson was the first male over the finish line in the century event completing the ride in 4 hours and 37 minutes. Alison Knutson took the female honor. Full results for all distances and riders can be found here.

The ride was proceeded by the singing of the National Anthem and the Presentation of Colors.

The Cause(s)

This year the Tour partnered with Switchpoint Community Resource Center raising over $17,000 to help combat homelessness right here in Southern Utah. Switchpoint is dedicate to not only providing food and shelter for those in need, they are also a stepping stone for full independence. The Tour was happy to help combat the Cycles of Homelessness with this partnership.

Ute Red in memory of Brandon Jones.
Ute Red in memory of Brandon Jones.

In addition to the planned cause, the St. George cycling community came together the week before the ride to mourn the passing of one of our members, Brand Jones. To commemorate his life, riders wore red socks and the official t-shirt was done in Utes Red. All proceeds from the purchase of red socks and the raffle for the red Townie that was also held in his honor will be donated to his family by Red Rock Bicycle Co. All the red was motivated by his years playing quarterback for the Utes.

The Food

One of the benefits of doing an event organized by Ride Southern Utah is the support provided during the ride. Multiple rest stops with food, water and Hammer Nutrition were provided. Several of the stops were themed providing a fun element to the route. Wear a lei to the first stop and you’ll get a little something extra for your effort. Or stop in for some tacos, chips and salsa at the Mexican Food themed stop.

Mexican Food themed rest stop.

The Weather

You couldn’t have asked for a better day weather-wise. The wind was calm and the temperatures hovered right around that perfect point. It was just chilly enough in the morning for the need of some arm warmers, but the cyclists warmed up quickly dropping their extra layers at the many rest stops provided. The Tour highlighted what many locals have always known, Fall is the perfect time to ride a bike in St. George.

If you missed out this go around, plan ahead so you don’t miss the next one.

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  1. Marcelo López on 01 Nov 2016 at 9:30 am

    I love this ride .
    I want to come back in the next one.
    Thanks everyone for all.
    MMarcelo from Vegas City. ??

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