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Bikesgiving Weekend

Bikesgiving weekend is all about bikes, giving back and promoting community over commercialism. The three-day festival starts out on Thanksgiving Day with the Turkey Day Death March. Friday we replace Black Friday with BIKE Friday with a bunch of group rides on and off road to some of the amazing trails in the area. and then it’s all topped off with a trip out to Gooseberry for a jaunt around that amazing playground.

Of course, with a name like Bikesgiving you would expect some “giving” to go along with the riding. We accepted donations for both the Bicycle Collective and Switchpoint to hopefully make the Holiday Season a little bit better for those less fortunate.

20171123_091842Turkey Day Death March

The Turkey Day Death March, while sounding somewhat like an animal rights protest, is an opportunity to earn the calories that we all over consume on Thanksgiving. Starting at the shop, the ride heads out of town and follows the Turkey Farm Loop combing pavement, dirt road and singletrack to make an almost 50 mile route. Why ride the Turkey Farm Loop on Turkey Day? I don’t know, it sounded like a good idea and everyone that showed up seemed to agree that it was. This year’s ride saw temperatures that were border line scary as the thermometer was creeping toward 70 degrees as we rolled back into town.

20171124_162120BIKE Friday

What better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving than riding bikes and enjoying the amazing weather of Southern Utah? That’s right, there is no better way.

The day got rolling with a ride on the Zen trail. Even with a 10 AM start, we were all in short sleeves before we even hit the first rest stop. We took our time, sessioning moves that required a little extra finesse and enjoyed the bomber descent as we circle back in toward the drop.

We also had group rides on Paradise and KLC and two road rides that went out during the day. We topped it all off with our Social Lounge featuring Brats and Dutch Oven potatoes.


Gooseberry Mesa

Of course, everyone was excited to ride the Goose. With temperatures topping out in the 70s, it was about as beautiful day as one could ask for when riding the Goose.

After gathering here at the shop, getting the essentials and figuring out the carpooling, we were off and hit the Windmill parking lot around 10:15. There were a few who met us out there and like a herd of tortoises, we were off at a party pace. Once again stopping to session obstacles and watch Trent as he wheelied everywhere. We got riders up things they had never been able to make and down things that used to scare them. By the time we hit the Point, everyone was having a good ride and we were only half way done. The giggles continued as we headed down the South Rim in the same fashion.

The weekend was a blast, the weather was amazing and we made some new friends. Let’s do it all again next year!



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