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New Roubaix, Demo one Today

The new Roubaix and Ruby were released a few months ago ushering in a whole new world of smoothness. We’ve had these in the store since then and the response has been fantastic. The word on the street is that they do exactly what they said they would. Not only is it a fantastic race bike for rough terrain, these bikes smooth out the rough roads we have in Southern Utah creating a super comfortable ride that can be appreciated by hard core racers and weekend warriors alike.

Regardless of where you sit in the spectrum of riders, there’s a good chance that you could benefit from the new technology built into these bikes. One thing that we have learned since their launch, riding around in the parking lot doesn’t do them justice. No, you need to be able to dive into a corner at full speed, hit a cattle guard toward the end of a grueling spring or complete a full day of riding to fully appreciate how much these bikes have improved. This is why we have made sure to have plenty of bikes in our demo fleet for you to try out.

At first look, you probably won’t notice anything too out of the ordinary with the Roubaix. It’s a bike. It looks like a bike. It feels like a race bike. It’s light. It rides like a race bike. But hidden right under the stem and in the seatpost are some radically new technologies that allow the rider to be suspended. Yes, you read that correctly. The new Roubaix allows the rider to float above the bike and while the bike looks and feels like, well, a bike, it rides like a magic carpet.


I was “allowed” to see and ride this bike during a secret launch party. It was introduced and the cynic in my thought, ok, that seems kinda dumb. And then they let me ride it.

It was a closed course. They gave us some rough pavement and a board. A 12 foot piece of plywood that had 1X2s nailed to it in uneven locations, a pretty good test for how smooth a bike was. My first pass over the board I went in fast but nervous as I felt like I had a pretty good idea how a road bike would react over the bumps. I was blown away. I could ride, seated, across said board at whatever speed I wanted. In fact, the faster I went the less I noticed the bumps.

Before riding one, the closest thing I had ever experienced was riding my cross bike over rough terrain and letting go of the bars allowing them to float under my hands. It’s like that, but you are completely attached to the bike, no chance of hitting a bump too big and losing those bars altogether.

And the best part, we have these in stock ready for you to throw a leg over. Swing by and see why smoother is faster. Reserve a Demo here.


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