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Dirty Racer Plans

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

If you are like the rest of us, it’s probably some vague idea like being more healthy, making more money, riding more, losing some weight, etc. Some of us will even go as far as putting a specific condition on it to make sure that we know when and how we have been successful. For example, lose 30 pounds by summer to look good on the beach. And, again if you are like the rest of us, summer rolls around. You still have those extra pounds around your mid-section and you just skip the beach. Then when the New Year comes back around, you make the same resolution and the cycle starts over.

Riding that assumption that you are like the rest of us, you probably have some resolution that has to do with cycling. Maybe it’s riding your first 100 mile ride, or doing your first overnight bikepacking trip, or racing the TrueGrit 50 mile epic. Whatever it is, it’s there. You want to do it and maybe you even resolve to do it… but we all know where that leaves us.

Make plans, not resolutions. It might seem like a subtle difference, but this has to be one of the best pieces of advice that I have ever read for making a change for the New Year. Instead of throwing out good intentioned ideas of what we would like to do, accomplish, see in the New Year, sit down with a calendar and plan out your year. When is that mountain bike race you wanted to do? March 25th. Ok. Let’s start from there. What’s your current condition? How far can you currently ride? Plan out your riding schedule to include rides that push your limits as well as some fun ones that are just putting down base miles. And then sign up. Yes, right now for that race. I can guarantee you that having a plan and knowing that you have committed will get you out of bed on those cold wintery days that we don’t tend to have in St. George.

As part of our Make Plans not Resolutions promotion, we have created two Plans to get you racing on the dirt in 2017. The first is the True Grit Epic and the second is the local Intermountain Cup races. Buy any Epic Hardtail, Stumpjumper or Camber and we’ll give you an entry for TrueGrit or an entry for both I-Cup Races.

Here’s your plans.

True Grit Epic

On March 11th, St. George will be home of the National Ultra Endurance season opener. The 50 or 100 mile race is one of the hardest in the series coupling the need for a high-level of endurance with technical ability, the race challenges even the most prepared participants. Starting in Santa Clara, racers are escorted on to dirt as they head toward Cove Wash. The initial paved and dirt road sections filter out the group as they hit singletrack on the Barrel Ride where they will encounter the Water Fall.

Once done with the grueling loop that is the Barrel Ride, they will be bumped on over to another steep, techy six miles on the Zen Trail. The pedaling gets a little easier to provide some relief as the course goes up and over a dirt road to drop onto the Bear Claw Poppy. The fun roller coaster is followed by a climb up Stucki Springs as racers head toward the Santa Clara River Reserve.

Within the Reserve, the course uses a portion of the Rim Runner and the Barrel Roll. At the top of the Barrel Roll, there is a stretch of trail that will, once again, challenge the racer’s technical abilities. In this video, Alex shows the best way to roll right through each of the moves in the Crux of Barrel Roll.

If TrueGrit sounds like your Plan, swing by the shop and we can get you set up so 2017 is your year.

Intermountain Cup Races

Red Rock Rampage

Red-Rock-Rampage-2016-18The Red Rock Rampage has been the season opener for the Intermountain Cup Race Series for over 20 years. The course is the classic Green Valley Race Course that combines some techy climbs, killer descents with enough dirt road to allow for passing. The 6 mile loop has about 650 feet of climbing. With 30 categories to choose from, the Rampage has a race that will work for the beginner all the way to the experienced pro.

Cactus Hugger

20160402-IMG_9485The Cactus Hugger was held in Hurricane on some motorcycle trails for a few years and then was moved to a slightly different course than the Rampage within the Green Valley Competitive area for the last two. This year we will have an all new course in the Hurricane Cliffs Trail Network. It has a little chunk, a lot of fast, flowy singletrack and enough dirt road to ensure you can get around those other racers you are dropping. It’s about an 8.5 mile, fast loop. We will have the same categories as the Rampage, ensuring we will have a spot that makes sense for where you are with your riding. The Cactus Hugger will take place on April 22nd.

Make Plans

Even if you aren’t interested in taking advantage of the free events with a bike purchase doesn’t mean you can’t take a few moments to throw your resolutions out the window and replace them with plans that will help get you to where you want to be in 2017.

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