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Make Plans not Resolutions

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

If you are like the rest of us, it’s probably some vague idea like being more healthy, making more money, riding more, losing some weight, etc. Some of us will even go as far as putting a specific condition on it to make sure that we know when and how we have been successful. For example, lose 30 pounds by summer to look good on the beach. And, again if you are like the rest of us, summer rolls around. You still have those extra pounds around your mid-section and you just skip the beach. Then when the New Year comes back around, you make the same resolution and the cycle starts over.

Riding that assumption that you are like the rest of us, you probably have some resolution that has to do with cycling. Maybe it’s riding your first 100 mile ride, or doing your first overnight bikepacking trip, or racing the TrueGrit 50 mile epic. Whatever it is, it’s there. You want to do it and maybe you even resolve to do it… but we all know where that leaves us.

Make plans, not resolutions. It might seem like a subtle difference, but this has to be one of the best pieces of advice that I have ever read for making a change for the New Year. Instead of throwing out good intentioned ideas of what we would like to do, accomplish, see in the New Year, sit down with a calendar and plan out your year. When is that century ride you wanted to do? April 8th. Ok. Let’s start from there. What’s your current condition? How far can you currently ride? Plan out your riding schedule to include rides that push your limits as well as some fun ones that are just putting down base miles. And then sign up. Yes, right now for that century. I can guarantee you that having a plan and knowing that you have committed will get you out of bed on those cold wintery days that we don’t tend to have in St. George.

Me, personally, I’m known for being a serial non-planner. I tend to wing things and my good intentions end up being that, just good intentions. So if you fall into the camp of “what’s a calendar?” Red Rock Bicycle has created a few plans for you. We have three to chose from:

  1. The 100 Miler
  2. The Dirty Racer
  3. The Bikepacker

20161022-IMG_9812The 100 Miler

As I alluded to above, you’ve got to have some skin in the game. It’s part of the motivation to follow through and following through is the whole point. To get this ball rolling, you’ll need a bike. Purchase any Roubaix, Ruby or Sequoia. All of these bikes are great for everyone, from the season veteran looking to get back into the sport to the beginner looking for a comfortable and stable ride. The new Roubaix and Ruby are the smoothest road bikes every produced and the Sequoia is the Swiss Army knife of bikes. It’ll do just about anything.

Once you’ve got your bike, start riding and you’ll want to get going soon because you’re first organized ride will happen on March 18th. We’ll be giving you a free entry into Mesquite Madness to do a 35 miler. Not too stiff right out of the gate, but a perfect distance with stocked aid stations, rolling support vehicles and everything else you can think of to make sure your first organized ride is a good one.

Once you’ve knocked Mesquite Madness out of the park, you’re gonna be stoked to continue your journey. Next up will be a 75 miler on April 8th as we’ll provide you with a free entry into the Spring Tour de St. George. It might hurt a little bit, but you can’t grow without a little pain. And don’t worry, we won’t throw the 100 miler at you until June 4th so you’ll have some time to recover. Your century ride will be Ride the Gap, a popular ride through at a slighter higher elevation. It will be the perfect end to your New Year’s Plan.

Red-Rock-Rampage-2016-56The Dirty Racer

Mountain bike racers have your choice of an Epic Hardtail, Stumpjumper or Camber. Any of those bikes will be prefect for racing in Southern Utah. We have two options for you to get riding.

Option #1 – This plan is for those racing or wanting to race the Intermountain Cup Series. The first two races are in Washington County and are perfect to start out the season. The Red Rock Rampage launches the season on March 25th and is followed by the Cactus Hugger on April 22nd. We’ll provide you with one free entry to each event. Get pedaling in January and start your race season on a new bike ready to take the podium.

Option #2 – This is for racers looking to take on an endurance sized race, one of those big ones that will make you hurt, TrueGrit. You buy the bike and we’ll provide you with one free entry and we’ll cheer you on as you ride past the Support Station we’ll be manning on the big day.

output_nF0rjOThe Bikepacker

Everyone wants more adventure, they just might not have admitted it yet. Can you imagine yourself saying, “I need to see all these places?” or “Where’s that? I want to go.” Then you are into adventure. If you might have put down “Travel more in 2017” for your resolution then yup, you’re into it. This is an exciting category because it can mean so many things. As we’ve learned over the past year, bikepacking is fun in 180 mile, three day trips and in short, 24 hour overnighters. Both have their place and both satisfy the itch of leaving town.

To get you going, you can purchase a Sequoia, Fuse or Fatboy depending on what style of adventures you see yourself embarking upon. All three will work for the plan we’ve devised for you.

Our first trip will be at the end of February when the day time temps are perfect and the evening will feel good around a campfire. We will leave from Red Rock Bicycle on Friday the 24th for a soft pedal out to Snow Canyon State Park. We have a couple sites reserved that will be stocked with firewood and some snacks. This will be a repeat of the trip we did a few months ago. It’s a great intro to bikepacking in an amazing backdrop.

We will follow this up with a second trip on March 31st that will take us across paved roads, dirt roads and some singletrack and drop us at Quail Creek for a quick swim. Again we will have campsites reserved and stocked with beverages and firewood.

IMG_0121Whatever your preferred option is, let us help make 2017 a  year full of friends, fun and bikes.


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