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Mountain Bike Service

The world of mountain biking has changed a lot in the past 10-15 years. From the introduction of suspension forks to rear suspension and, of course,  hydraulic disc brakes, the bikes of today barely resemble the steeds we road in the 90s. Which begs the question, why are we still doing the same tune-up on mountain bikes that we were doing back then?

Today’s mountain bikes are finely tuned vehicles that require consistent maintenance to ensure they can perform at their best. The suspension components need to have the seals replaced and the oil refreshed on a regular basis. Hydraulic brakes also require regular maintenance to ensure the seals don’t deteriorate and the fluid is fresh, free of contaminants and air bubbles.

This is why we created our Mountain Bike specific services. It covers the often overlooked items on a mountain bike, items that weren’t around 20 years ago and happen to be the parts of the bicycle that require the most maintenance.

Mountain Bike Service

  • Suspension fork lower leg service
  • Stanchions inspection
  • Bushing inspection
  • Open bath oil replacement
  • Shock air sleeve maintenance
  • O-ring and glide ring replacement
  • Air can inspection
  • Air can oil replacement
  • Complete hydraulic brake flush and bleed
  • Pads filed or replaced
  • Rotors cleaned or replaced
  • Brake line inspection
  • Complete shifting adjustment
  • Drivetrain cleans and lubricated
  • Chain, chain rings and cassette inspected for wear
  • Frame cleaned and polished
  • Frame inspected
  • Suspension pivots torqued to manufacture specification
  • Test ride
  • 2nd mechanic check over

As you can see, this isn’t your typical tune-up. This is a dedicated service for Today’s mountain bikes and one that you will feel a noticeable difference when you get your bike back.

The Red Rock Bicycle Mountain Bike Service is $139 + parts.

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