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No Friend Left Behind

Every ride is made better by a good group of friends.

Cyclists have two types of friends: those that ride and those that don’t. It’s not that we are obsessed with bikes (ok, it might be a little bit of that), as much as it is that once you’ve caught the cycling bug, you want to share it with everyone. Those peeps that you love to hang out with when you’re not on the bike, tend to be the same ones that you want to hang out with when you are sending those big drops, spinning up those hills are just cruising around the neighborhood.

We want to make sure that none of your friends miss out on the amazing November riding weather in St. George. So grab one of your friends that needs a bike and bring ’em in. We’ll find them the perfect bike so they can join in on all the riding you’re doing. And as an added bonus, we’ll give you and them a $50 gift card.

No Friend Left Behind

Here’s how it works:

  1. Grab one of your friends that needs a bike and bring them into the shop.
  2. We’ll help pick out the perfect bike for them.
  3. They get a sweet new ride and a $50 gift card to help them get kitted out.
  4. You get a $50 gift card and a new riding buddy!

It’s one of those win-win situations, but don’t wait, this offer is only good through November 26th and only adult bikes are eligible for the gift cards.

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