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Plans for Adventuring

Four weeks ago, you probably looked out over the vast year ahead of you and said to yourself, “Self, I need to do some stuff this year. Stuff like adventuring because that seems pretty rad. Adventuring stuff that looks a lot like this.”

Now that January has ticked by, the weather is turning from ok to awesome hovering right around fantastical with an average high around 60 degrees. Those blue skies that we’ve been missing are becoming more common and we’re seeing more and more sandals as people trickle through the shops. The itch to get outside and see and do and go adventuring is starting to peak. Truth be told, we haven’t been thinking about much else for the past few weeks.

February is the month to start planning all those adventures that you resolved to do four weeks ago. At some point, if you’re going to stick with your resolution, you just have to buckle down and┬ámake some plans.

If adventuring was your resolution, the best way to start is to begin in your own backyard. We’ve been bouncing around the area for a while and have found places we didn’t know existed and have kept to ourselves so we can visit them in solitude time and time again. Luckily for you, we are willing to let you in on a couple of them and even took the next step and planned a couple of trips to help you out with your resolution.

SequoiaStep one: We’re going close, but it’s a bit farther than you are going to want to walk and taking a car pretty much ruins adventure. The new Sequoia is just right. Build out of high quality chromoly, with size specific butting and tube sets, it was designed from the ground up to be able to handle anything you could possibly throw at it. Sometimes when you head out the door, you can’t be entirely certain as to where your pedaling is going to take you, that’s kind of the definition of adventure. Hence, the do-it-all design was essential to the development of this bike.

Step two: Now that you have your adventuring bike, get it all decked out for adventuring. You’ll need bags to carry your adventure gear, adventure gear if you don’t already have it and some food cause nobody wants to see you hangry.

Step three: Join us for our two local overnighters we have planned for the end of February and March.

Stop in for full details. Who knows, you might just be the next Poppi.


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