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Red Rock Adventure Company

Adventure is one of those words, that despite being in the dictionary, can be particularly hard to define. Everyone has their own version of what it should be. For some it’s that epic, once-in-a-lifetime trip that involves serious mental anguish and high chance of failure. And for others, it’s just taking an alternative route to the grocery store. We’re not here to tell you that one is right or wrong. Quite the contrary, we find ourselves falling into both categories and everywhere in between. Our adventures depend more on how much time we have than whether they will make magazine covers. And that’s kind of how we like it, low pressure, fun times, deadlines that fall between Friday and Monday.

What we would like to do is share some adventures.


Let me introduce you to the Red Rock Adventure Company. If there is one thing that Southern Utah has in spades, it’s great places to explore and enjoy the outdoors. When we think of adventure, there’s very few places that can compare to what we have right here in Washington County. The goal of the RRAC is to get together, go adventuring and share those adventures with the cycling community at large. There is no fee to join or participate other than the miles needed to get to wherever it is that we might be heading. Mostly, it’s about riding into sunsets with friends and not having to worry about the exact time we will be back. It’s about adventure, however you define it.

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