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Red Rock Rattlers

If there is one thing that this world needs more of, it’s kids on bikes. Get them out from behind those screens and into the great outdoors enjoying fresh air, their friends and a little exercise for good measure.

We started the Summer Shredders, just for that reason, which was an overwhelming success. Thank you to everyone who attended.

After our Shredders series was over, we went back to the drawing board. We wanted to come up with a way to get kids on bikes, keep them on the bikes and essentially build a program that will continue to grow our cycling community well into the future. We came up with Red Rock Rattlers.

Red Rock Rattlers is essentially a kids cycling club. We have broken it down into a few different categories and disciplines so we can focus on what the kids need for their age and wants. Much like the Summer Shredders, we will meet monthly. Teach them skills essential to their group, take them on group rides appropriate for their riding level and hopefully, inspire them to keep pedaling.

Our meet and greet is tomorrow, Saturday the 16th. Meet here at the shop at 9 AM. Bring your bike, a helmet and your desire to ride!

Sign up here.

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