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Townie Go Black

About A Bike: The Townie Go!

I was afraid, and maybe a little crazy.

Here I was riding my new bike along Snow Canyon Parkway, actually considering riding up the hill to the top of Snow Canyon. Who was I to think I could ride up there? I mean, that was for the Really-In-Shape, right? That’s for the Serious Rider? And I’m just some average Jane, back on a bike after years off, wanting to ride for fun. Did I really think I could ride up Snow Canyon? You know, with that long, steep grade to the top that seems to get even steeper near the end of the climb? I wasn’t even on a snazzy road bike, light and fast. Am I crazy?

There’s this idea that in order to ride a bike, you have to be “serious”. I hear it all the time at the shop: “Oh, I don’t need that nice of a bike. I’m not a serious rider, you know! I mean, look at me.” *awkward giggle*

But what does that even mean? Like, you’re not going to go compete in the Red Bull Rampage?! Or do 100 miles for Mesquite Madness? Or ride on the River Trail for 8 miles? What does it mean to be a serious rider? I mean, really, does “being serious” matter?

I mentioned in a previous post, Boom! You’re A Cyclist, that being a cyclist means one thing:

You. Ride. A. Bike.

Regardless of how “serious” you are.

Really, if being serious was The Thing, many of us who ride bikes wouldn’t be considered cyclists, because we are having way too much fun! So clearly, riding bikes is about a lot more than being serious for many riders.

So, it’s not about being serious. But it could be about what equipment you use, right? I’m not so sure, as some of my customers have spent just a few hundred dollars and bought a bike that was a LOT of fun.

That being said, we all know that having the best equipment you can afford (or are willing to afford) for any hobby— whether it’s quilting, caving, or cycling—makes for a better experience. Sure, you can buy some cheap rope and a $5 flashlight and go down into some cave. But will that really give you the best experience? The experience you want to keep coming back for?

Well, the same is true of bikes.

So, I’ll just say it right here: if you want the cutest bike in our shop, which can also help you go further, faster, and harder, and give you a great experience you keep coming back for, you should have the Townie Go!

Have you seen it yet, that adorable bike by the main entrance?

  • With integrated color throughout its frame, including the racks, body of the bike, chain guard, fenders, and even rims?
  • A lovely color of pewter, spring green, azure, army green, or classic and fantastic black?
  • With that funny-looking black box on the downtube?

Yeah, that bike. You know which one.

What is the deal with that adorable bike? And really, it is adorable in both the classic style and the step-through style, so don’t feel offended when I call your bike adorable, because it just is. The Townie Go! is so classic looking, I want to throw on some vintage clothes and go ride around Saint George, imagining what things were like way back, when only 5,000 people lived here and classic cars were the main deal, not just a once-a-week deal at Iceberg.

Townie Go M Army

Even with all it’s good looks, the Townie Go! is also practical. It’s the bike, the bike with that black box on the downtube, that can help you go further and faster than you thought you might, and be comfortable while doing it!

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the Townie Go! is an electric, pedal-assist, bicycle, with a Bosch-performance motor.

  • This motor gives you four levels of support: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo.
  • All that variable power is fully accessible from the nicely-sized display on the handlebar.
  • These levels of support give you 20-100 miles of battery life, depending on your mode and terrain.
  • You get a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  • 8 speeds with an internal hub and twist shift.
  • A lithium-ion battery with a two-year warranty.

The Townie Go! gives you all this, combined with a front and tail light, Schwalbe Fat Frank tires for a super-comfortable ride (26” x 2.35”), and some really cute accessories, as well as the Townie’s comfort that is built in to all the Townie models.

The Townie is famous for it’s flat-foot technology, which means you can put your feet on the ground, without what can sometimes be that nerve-wracking tip-to-the-right-or-left that other bikes call for. But that doesn’t mean you sacrifice riding style—your legs still get the full extension they need to make sure you get a comfortable, knee-friendly riding position. As part of the comfort of a Townie, you also get an up-right seated position, so no hunching over the handlebars in an uncomfortable manner.

Oh yeah—did I mention this is adorable! Fall-in-love good looking? Townie Go Turq

So, there I was, riding my bike down Snow Canyon Parkway, considering conquering the climb up Snow Canyon Park, when I remembered: I was on my new Townie Go!

Heck ya, I was going to give that hill a try! You’d better believe I was going to at least try and ride up that ascent, now that I had the extra assist from the motor, something I wouldn’t have tried on my other bike.

Because, you know, I’m not a Serious Rider. But I am going to have some fun! #electratownie #irideforme

What kind of bike do you ride for fun? Have you given the Townie Go! a try? If not, come in to the shop and give one a ride, and have a little fun!


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