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The Spring Tour of St. George

Nerves to the left of us. Nerves to the right of us. There were nerves everywhere. You could cut the anticipation and anxiety with a hatchet. And understandably so, these riders had up to 100 miles ahead of them in unpredictable weather that could make or break their day on the bike. The day started grey with a light breeze. The clouds to the east and west of the downtown start line were dark and heavy. The question of the day: What’s the wind going to do? The obvious answer was, probably blow.

At 8 AM sharp the mass start sent almost 600 cyclists out to meet the demands of the Tour. Most were hit with rain around Kayenta, but were treated with a killer tailwind coming back toward town. The riders continued finishing their 35, 75 or 100 mile routes. The first riders hit the finish line a little over 2 hours after start. The rest continued to trickle in for the next few hours. The longer distance riders got hit with heavier winds, slowing their ride and lengthening their efforts.

Despite the less than perfect weather, it was a great day and smiles abounded. The Rigatti’s Pizza was top notch and well deserved after the long ride. Premium Pix provided entertainment with their event photography and memories that will last. And all the riders provided the stoke to get through the course. We will do it all again next year, but in the mean time you should join us for Ride the Gap on June 3rd.


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