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Trail of the Week: Three Peaks

Cedar City has typically been a town you drove through to get to Southern Utah’s high alpine riding in the summer. It was a stepping stone to get sodas and chips as you headed toward the paradise of shuttle runs and lift-assisted riding. Thanks to a forward thinking BLM and the passion of local riders, there has been a surge of trail building in and around Cedar City in the past couple of years transforming the area into a burgeoning destination for mountain biking. We couldn’t be more ecstatic. It takes about the same amount of time to get to Gooseberry as it does to get to Cedar. The summer temperatures are significantly lower than in St. George, and contrasting our traditional Southern Utah trails, there is an abundance of beginner and intermediate singletrack to pick from.

Part of this uptick in trail building included updating and adding to the trails at Three Peaks.


The Three Peaks Recreational Area boasts about 15 miles of singletrack. The trail network is built in a way that shorter sections of trail link together allowing for small, short rides, or longer, more difficult ones. It’s kind of a pick your own adventure type of a place. Speaking of adventure, one of its unique characteristics are added features. Pictured above is the Voodoo Tree, a rather regular looking Juniper that has been decorated with old things that were discarded around the area. You’ll find a bunch of bones, a hub cap and other assorted randomness. There’s also a spot with a grill and a giant pile of bones off to the one side. The additions will give you a chuckle at the minimum.

And there’s bridges…

IMG_1921All the bridges have ride arounds if being off the ground isn’t your thing. They are also all signed so they won’t catch you off guard. The sign tells you how wide and how high of the ground they are letting you decide what your comfort level is and working up to some of the higher ones.

All the trails within the network are rated as beginner or intermediate. These trails are a great place to cut your teeth, or spin those legs out as fast as you can. The trails flow well, the climbs aren’t steep and the downhills are a hoot. Take your chances on the bridges, we fell in love with them once we got over our fear of heights.

Getting to the trails:

From the South:

  • Head North on I-15.
  • Take exit 59 for UT-56 toward Cedar City
  • Turn right onto UT-56 W/W 200 N
  • Turn right onto N 3100 W
  • Turn left onto W 4800 N/W Midvalley Rd
  • Continue till you see the trailhead

From the North:

  • Head south on I-15
  • Take exit 62 for UT-130 toward Cedar City/Enoch
  • Turn right onto UT-130 N
  • Turn left onto E 4800 N/E Midvalley Rd
  • Continue till you see the trailhead

3peaks-23As I mentioned, there are tons of options and variations on how to ride this area. We recommend checking out the Practice Loop first to warm up your legs. Then hit the Race Course Loop for some classic Three Peaks and then move on to all the other trails until your legs give out or the sun goes down.

We have a group ride that goes up to Cedar City every Friday if you want to head out with peeps who can help direct you to the “fun” sections of trail. We also have the Three Peaks Revival happening September 22-24th. The Revival will consist of 3 days of riding and revelry and an 8 hour race on Saturday. It’s guaranteed be the most fun you can have on two wheels, at least for that weekend.




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