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Trail to Zen: Fruits of their Labors

It all comes down to one day, to a few hours, one chance to get around the course. The preparation, the worrying, the countless miles on the bike pounding out miles hoping that they will do the trick on that one day. The Trail to Zen culminates on race day. As the racers line up next to their opponents, their nerves are all over the place, there is doubt, there are those lingering thoughts of what if. And then the gun goes off and everything fades into the background as the work begins to pay off. Those who have put in the time and have the mental fortitude to persevere find their stride in the first climb and slip into their place of Zen. All those worries disappear and it’s just a repetitive mantra of “Keep pedaling!”


100 Miler Finishers – These peeps get serious props just for finishing such a brutal race, but they didn’t just finish, they rocked it!

  • Shirley Leydsman – 2nd Place
  • Kellie Oliver – 7th Place

50 Mile Finishers

  • Dave Smith – 3rd Place
  • Zac Hardy – 7th Place
  • Josh Wolfe – 11th Place Pro Field
  • Brad Newby – PR on course
  • Ed Prince
  • Danny Christensen
  • Kim Christensen – finished after having to switch bikes 3 times
  • Parker Christensen
  • Jared Tyler
  • Brandon Niels
  • Steve Leydsman
  • Tyler Hoopes
  • Derric Maxfield
  • Johan Leeflang

Honorable Mention for Super Support

  • Margaret Gibson
  • Kelly Prince – Loaned her bike out to get two Team Red Rock racers back out on course.
  • Adam Oliver
  • Brad Norman
  • Shane Christensen
  • Lukas Brinkerhoff


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