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Trail Maintenance Specialist

We’re looking for our first dedicated trail maintenance specialist who will be accountable for our Red Rock Trail Crew program.  Your primary job will be to maintain mountain bike trails in Washington County and Iron County and will spend the majority of your time working in the dirt.  Your secondary job will be to lead local volunteer trail maintenance events as well as travel with the Intermountain Cup Racing Series providing trail support before and after a race.  This role is envisioned to be 1% computer based reporting, 5% volunteer leadership, and 94% self motivated trail maintenance.  You will be able to set your own weekly schedule with the exception of race weekends and scheduled volunteer trails days. 

What you’ll do:

  • Maintain and improve existing mountain bike infrastructure to Trail Crew standards.
  • Lead/collaborate with Red Rock Bicycle team members to organize and execute Trail Crew volunteer days.
  • Work with community partners (BLM, Forest Service, Washington County Tourism, Iron County Tourism) to identify maintenance needs and provide feedback on what was accomplished.
  • Travel with the Intermountain Cup to maintain the mountain bike race course being used so that it is safe for the racers and leave it in better condition than we found it for the local community.

What you’ll need:

  • Experience maintaining mountain bike trails.  You’ll be working from 2,000 feet in elevation in the desert up to 10,000 feet in elevation in the mountains depending on the time of year.  We have trails at nearly every elevation profile.
  • A reliable vehicle getting you and your tools to the trailhead.
  • Experience with hand tools and a chainsaw.  Some days you’re raking trails and moving rocks and others you’re cutting downed trees and trimming brush.
  • Experience with computers.  You’ll be reporting your weekly progress for payroll and reporting your monthly progress for community partners. 

What we’ll provide:

  • Pay up to $18/hr depending on experience.
  • The hand tools necessary to properly maintain dirt trails.
  • The supplies necessary to execute a volunteer trail day, including the use of a shop van.
  • An allowance for you to purchase your own tablet or computer (if necessary)
  • Travel allowances for Intermountain Cup races outside of Iron or Washington County.
  • Gas allowance for use of a personal vehicle.

Who you are:

  • Tenacious.  You are determined to get the job done and work through hardships.
  • Inclusive.  You are excited to see new riders out on the trails and eager to help new users get involved in trail maintenance.
  • Honest.  You understand that self reporting comes with a level of trust and personal accountability.
  • Environmentally conscious. You understand that we make an impact on our environment and work hard to mitigate the negative impacts.
  • You love the outdoors.  You’re going to love it in Southwest Utah!

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