The Houdini is Patagonia’s featherweight, weather resistant, packable jacket. Not only does it pack into its pocket, but the whole thing is less than 4 oz. The jacket is well thought out with just the right amount of features balanced with keeping it uber light. You’ve got the elasticized cuffs to keep the weather from blowing up your sleeves and a great pull string on the hood for the same reason. It’s the perfect jacket for those rides that you aren’t sure how rainy or windy it’s going to get, or during winter in the desert, how cold it will be at the end of the ride.
I loved the idea of having a jacket that could be stuffed into my SWAT box. I bought one and have been using it for the past few months.
And for those of you who are a little incredulous, here’s proof that it fits.

Since my purchase, there have only been a couple rides that this jacket wasn’t either in my SWAT box, jersey pocket or backpack. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to pack a regular rain jacket until you start carrying the Houdini. It’s small and light enough that you don’t even know it is there. It is my “just in case” jacket that is kind of always in the mix and gives me the peace of mind of knowing it’s there if I happen to need it.
I’ve found the fabrication to be what you would expect from Patagonia which is to say it is built to last. The fit is spot on to allow a base layer and a mid layer if needed for some extra warmth. Seeing that it hasn’t rained here in the desert for way too long, that is what I have used this jacket for. Afternoon rides in the winter are awesome unless they go just a little too long and the sun drops and takes the temperatures with it. I experienced just that on Guacamole a couple of weeks ago. The sun was setting and a fierce wind came up. The Houdini provided me the perfect protection to keep me comfortable until we could get back to the car.
I’ve been thoroughly pleased with the Houdini and, while I haven’t always needed it, I’ve never regretted carrying it.
The Houdini is Moose approved.