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Red Rock Repairs

Ride more. Wait less.

It is our goal at Red Rock Bicycle to help our customers ride more. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service that you can find. We have invested in our employees ensuring that all our technicians have been factory trained and have access to the best tooling available. Most importantly, we have setup our system to ensure that every bike gets back to its owner in 24 hours or less. The only thing that will keep you from riding the next day is if we have to order some specialty parts.

Brake Bleed

We completely flush all the old fluid out of the brake to ensure there are no bubbles and to maintain the seals.

Brake Bleed Pair

Same as above, but you get a slight discount for servicing the pair at once.

Fork Service
$75 + Parts

Complete fork service, lowers are dropped, all oil and lip seals are replaced. Price may vary on fork and model.

Individual Bearing Component Overhaul

Bearings are removed, cleaned, replaced if needed and then repacked with grease and assembled to manufacture spec.

Fork Install
$30 + Parts

We install your fork and replenish the grease in your headset.

Brake Set Install
$35 + Parts

Brakes installed and adjusted.

Shifter Install (Individual)
$35 + Parts

Shifter installed and adjusted.

Wheel Build
$65 + Parts

We will lace up your wheel ensuring that it is properly tensioned and is round and true. Extra charges may apply for disassembly, use of old parts, etc.

Wheel True
$13 - $20

We get your wheel straight again.

Shifting Adjustment

Both derailleurs are adjusted.

Brake Adjustment
$13 - $18

Brakes are adjusted.

Computer Install
$15 - $20

Computer is installed and calibrated.

Chain Install
$12 + Parts

Chain is properly sized and installed.

Stans Kit Per Wheel
$10 + Parts

We will install a tubeless conversion kit.

BG Fit

We spend between 1.5 and 3 hours with you and your bike to ensure proper fit. The BG Fit process starts out with an interview to get to know the rider and their style. We then do a full body analysis to learn your body structure, strengths and flexibility. Then to finalize the process, we take your bike and make it fit your body.

Basic Sizing

A quick sizing service for customers who are just starting out. We will set your saddle height, fore and aft and check your cleat placement.