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Chubby Biker Festival Report

Despite less than favorable weather leading up to the weekend, the Chubby Biker Festival went off at full volume.

The festival began Saturday morning. With drizzly weather forecast right up to the meeting time for our first ride, you could say the day started out grey. Nonetheless, the Chubby Bikers came out in droves for a group ride around Zen. With an estimated 40+ riders, we made our way around with ride leaders leapfrogging from one position to the next so every one could ride at their own pace. In traditional Red Rock fashion, there were plenty of skill sessions happening along the way helping riders learn to navigate the many obstacles that make the Zen trail one of the hardest in the area.

We need to give a shout out to our good friend Stan Dye who drove up from San Diego. At 66 years old and only having owned a mountain bike for a week, he made his way around the Zen trail like a seasoned rider. We were stoked to have him along and learn from his awesome attitude.

A group of Chubby Bikers sessioning on Zen.
A group of Chubby Bikers sessioning on Zen.

Once the fun on Zen was complete, riders headed out for snacks or swung by the Red Rock Social Lounge that provided coffee, hot chocolate and ride food throughout the day and served as the meeting spot for all of Chubby Biker Rides.Photo Jan 14, 10 55 45 AMLunch was followed by a ride on the road led by Team Red Rock members Colt Albrecht and Jed Christensen who took the group on a friendly two hour ride. Some of our friends who came down from colder climes reportedly had a stoke level that went all the way to 11. And can you blame them? After being stuck on a trainer for a few months, spinning on the road with a group of cool peeps is better than Christmas.

Photo Jan 14, 2 06 37 PMIn addition to the paved terrain ride, another large group headed out for a lap on Barrel Ride. Our own Mitch Curwen has been working with the BLM to rehab this trail. His work has added jumps and fixed existing jumps while removing junk that had been dumped and rehabbing sections of the singletrack. He led out the group and showed us his handiwork.

Photo Jan 14, 4 27 52 PM

It is scientifically proven that there is no better way to end a day of riding than hanging out with your friends around a campfire making smores. So we set up the Red Rock Social Lounge and did just that. We also threw out a couple of challenges that included a wheelie competition and a track stand/last man down battle. Both of which were fun for those involved but also gave those sitting around the fire barrels something to entertain them outside of the hippy tv.

Photo Jan 14, 6 09 09 PMWe had hoped that the amazing winter weather we have in St. George was going to hold out for a mesa ride on Sunday. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but we were able to get a few rides anyway. We split up into an easier and a harder ride.

Those wishing for something a bit easier than the two dirt rides the day before headed over to a jaunt across Prospector and around the Church Rocks Loop. The other ride headed out to the challenging Boy Scout Loops. Both groups had a blast and promised they would be returning soon for some more pedaling.

The weather was so rad and the riding so good that there was even an impromptu ride on the new KLC Trail which was a perfect 3.8 miles of techy singletrack to end out the day.

Monday was the closing day and what better way to finish out an excellent weekend than a lap on the trails closest to the shop. The group gathered and we headed out for a ride on Paradise City which combines Paradise Rim, City Creek, Owen’s Loop and the Brook’s Nature Trail with some paved paths and bike lanes for a big loop of chunky, techy trail.

There were smiles for miles, lots of high fives, giggles, a little blood spilt and overall probably the best way you could spend a weekend. Or at the minimum, the best way we can imagine spending one.

Join us next year!


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