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Barrel Ride
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The Barrel Ride starts across from the north end of the Bearclaw Poppy Trail. It extends up to the Green Valley hillclimb trail, connecting just above the top of the DH portion of the Green Valley Race Loop, and has branches that connect to the upper and lower end of that DH. Barrel is also the south half of the Cactus Hugger race course, riding counterclockwise and using Barrel as the downhill.

Getting there...

From St. George head South on Bluff Street. Turn right on Black Ridge Drive. Follow this until it Tees with Dixie Drive and then go left. Follow Dixie Drive around the mesa and then go left on Canyon View Drive. Follow Canyon View past the Green Valley Spa to the dirt parking lot at the end of the pavement.

Riding the trail...

Drop off the mesa and then go North on the dirt road. You will see a short red knoll with a dirt road going up it, you want to get here. From the knoll drop off just a little bit and look for the single track on your left. Follow the single track/double track to the wash. Head up the wash. The wash will pop out at the cow pond. Head uphill and slightly to your right and you will drop back into the wash. Continue up the wash. The wash will put you on some more single track that will then dump you out on a dirt road. Head uphill and watch for single track on your left. Take the single track for a short section and then climb the dirt road. Look for trail on your left. Follow the single track, where it Tees go uphill to the next section of dirt road. Look for the single track on the opposite side of the road. Follow the single track up and then down over some rocky, steep, technical drops. From this point the trail will fork multiple times and probably change every time you ride it. Find your way down the mesa and back to your car.

.45 Miles stay right on dirt road

.75 Miles up steep knoll

.93 Miles go left onto single track1.15 Miles turn left into wash

1.3 Miles exit wash toward cow pond stay left. Single track is on the other side of pond on your right.

1.75 Miles continue up wash don't follow single track on left

1.8 Miles exit wash follow single track up ridge

2.05 Miles dirt road go right

2.25 Miles single track on your left

2.3 Miles single track dumps you onto dirt road

2.35 Miles single track on your left

2.5 Miles make a hard right and start to climb, again.

2.8 Miles left onto single track

2.85 Miles top of sketchy downhill

3.1 Miles bottom of steep downhill, go left

3.35 Miles go right to climb up single track

3.45 Miles exit single track onto sandstone. Follow single track and rock cairns through next section.

4.35 Miles go straight

4.6 Miles hard right

4.75 Miles straight across dirt road continue down single track

4.85 Miles straight across dirt road down single track

5.15 Miles exit onto dirt road

Follow dirt road toward mesa

5.45 Miles stay straight to the fence, then go right

5.9 Miles Trail head


This trail is found on State Trust Land. It is legal to ride, but nothing is signed or marked. Use this description as a guide. If you feel you have lost the trail, take one of the roads back down the mesa.

Named for the many huge barrel cacti along the trail, the Barrel Trail lies on the slope of a cuesta just southwest of St.George. There are multiple riding options including longer loops with significant climbing and quick excursions. The southern end, in fact, might seem confusing if you don't have a solid travel plan.

Don't feel like driving? You can easily pedal to this trail.

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