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Barrel Roll
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The Barrel Roll Trail is a fun 6ish mile loop that will make you want to come back for more. The trail climbs and descends the mesa several times always rewarding your effort. The highest point of the trail also consists of a good little technical section to test your riding prowess. We recommend riding this trail clockwise.

Getting there...

In St. George, head North on Bluff Street and turn left onto Sunset BLVD. Follow Sunset into Santa Clara. Turn left on Gates Lane just before the Jacob Hamblin home. Follow the dirt road taking the first left that climbs up toward the water tank. Then follow the signs to the trail head.

Riding the trail...

From the trail head, head out on the single track. Immediately out of the gate, you will see a left for Precipice, ignore this. Just a bit further you will come upon another fork, you can go either way as this is the start/end of the loop. We prefer to go left. There are multiple forks and shortcuts that can be ridden in this area. Simply follow the signs for the Barrel Roll and it will bring you back to the start.

Step by Step

.03 Stay right to go past Precipice.

.09 Go left on Barrel Roll.

.9 Miles junction for Sidewinder, stay right for Barrel Roll.

1.14 Miles junction with Elusion, stay left.

2.27 Miles to view point. Technical section starts here.

4.44 Miles to the other end of Elusion, stay left.

5.75 Miles Barrel Roll junction stay left.

5.81 Miles Precipice Junction, stay left.

5.84 Miles back to trailhead.

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Santa Clara River Reserve



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Good Lunch Loop

April 08, 2013

This trail is actually fun on a full susp. It flows well and doesn't tire you and isn't too technical. There is a little climbing here and there but that makes it fun. Not quite as fun as the zen but still good. I would recommend this trail to friends.

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