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Bearclaw Poppy Trail
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The Bearclaw Poppy Trail is the most ridden trail in Southern Utah. On any given weekend, the parking lot is full with everyone from beginners to expert riders. The trail consists of mostly smooth clay that is best described as a roller coaster. The little bit of climbing that is required is bountifully rewarded with fun downhill that can only be described as giggles.

There are three popular ways to ride this trail. 1. From the top as a shuttle. 2. From the top as a loop. 3. From the bottom as a loop with a cherry stem.

1. To ride this as a shuttle, park your shuttle car at the Navajo Drive trailhead at the bottom of the trail. The top trailhead is located off of Canyon View Drive by the big water tank. Ride a short bit of dirt road to the step over and then follow the singletrack.

2. Park in the dirt parking lot at the end of Canyon View Drive. Follow the dirt road up to the water tank and then to the singletrack. Once at the bottom, ride the pavement back to your car.

3. Park at the end of Navajo Drive, ride the Micro Loop to Clavicle Hill and then continue up the Bear Claw Poppy Trail to the top of the Acid Drops. Once at the top, simply turn around and reward yourself with some fun downhill action.

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Its the Starter for the love of MTB "ing"!

December 22, 2012

Must do! The beginning of mountain biking in St.George for most riders. Single track winds around the mesa from Green Valley to Bloomington. The whole thing is a roller coaster of fun. Famous Three Fingers of Death, acid drops with Clavicle Hill, and Roller Coaster downhills. Light climb to begin (actually it kicks your butt.) Season year-round - that is why we love living here.

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