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Blow Hard
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Blow Hard trail is about 7 miles of singletrack that starts at over 10,000 feet and drops over 3,000 feet into Cedar Canyon. The trail essentially borders the Cedar Breaks National Monument. The views are worth the trip, but you'll be moving so fast that you probably won't even notice.

Getting there...

To the trailhead:

  1. From St. George, head north on I-15.
  2. Take Exit 57 for Main Street in Cedar City.
  3. Turn right on Center Street/SR 14.
  4. Turn left on SR 148 toward Brian Head.
  5. Turn left onto NF-277, there is a sign but it isn't well placed.

The shuttle vehicle will be parked in Cedar Canyon off of SR 14. Coming from the bottom, it is 9.1 miles from Main Street in Cedar City. The pullout will be on your left.

From the top, it is 8.5 miles from the SR 148 turnoff, the pullout will be on your right.

Riding the trail...

Blow Hard is pretty straight forward. Jump on the singletrack and point the bike down hill. There are a couple of road crossings and trail intersectins but they are all signed and logical as to which way to go. The trail is almost all downhill, however, it does have a few short climbs in the middle to keep you honest.

Step by step...

  1. .9 miles viewpoint of Cedar Breaks.
  2. 1.55 miles stay left to continue on Blow Hard.
  3. 2.3 miles power line intersection, continue on singletrack.
  4. 2.85 miles dirt road crossing, follow signs to continue on singletrack.
  5. 4.35 miles there is a fence crossing that requires you to go through a gate.
  6. 5.6 miles there is a hard left.
  7. 5.95 miles dirt road, continue straight across.
  8. 6.35 miles gnarly stream crossing, look before you leap.
  9. 6.65 miles you have reached your shuttle vehicle.

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