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Bunker Creek
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Bunker Creek is a fun, rocky descent that is a great escape from the summer heat in St. George. The singletrack isn\\\\\\\'t super long but is a fun afternoon ride.

Getting there...

The trail starts behind Brian Head Peak. From the resort, head south and climb out of the valley. As you begin to wrap around to the backside of the peak, you will see a dirt road on your left. Turn here and follow the road to the trail head.

For a shorter ride, Bunker Creek can also be accessed from the Sidney Valley road.

Riding the trail...

Riding the trail is pretty straight forward. From the trail head, cross the road and start up the loose, steep climb. This does level off and will turn into semi-smooth singletrack. There is a T in the trail. Stay straight. To the left will take you down Dark Hollow and the right goes to Lowder Ponds. Continue straight on the singletrack until you hit the Sidney Valley road. Ride across the road and you will see the trail heading into the trees. There is one more T, take either the Right or Left forks of Bunker Creek. Both will drop you into the same place. The right is a bit more mellow and the left drops off fast and is more rocky. At the bottom of the trail, follow the dirt road to the paved road and turn left. Panguitch Lake is only a few miles down the road where your shuttle car should be parked.

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