City Creek

Trail Details


City Creek runs along the West side of the Red Hill. It is a combination of single track and old dirt road. It is fairly technical in places and is reminiscent of classic Moab style riding, chunky sandstone and steep grades.


How to get there...


City Creek can be access in three locations. All of which are located off of Red Hills Parkway.

1. Just northwest of the intersection of Skyline Drive and Red Hills Parkway the trail starts on the opposite side of the short turtle fence on the west side of the road. This is the traditional spot to start. Park in Pioneer Park and ride the bike path over to the trail.

2. The Pioneer Hills Trailhead which is just off of Red Hills Parkway can also be used for access. From this parking spot, jump across the road to the step over and follow the trail.

3. Just up the hill from the Bluff Street and Red Hills Parkway intersection, there is a step over that will access the far Northwest section of City Creek. This is my favorite access point.

Riding the trail...

The trail is well marked and consists of both single track and old dirt road. Starting at option 1, go up Owen's Loop to the marked T in the trail. From her go to your right and continue as the trail climbs up and over the mesa before dropping off and back to the road.

From option 2, follow the trail up to the Pioneer Hills T (it is marked) and choose your direction. To your right will take you down to Option 3 or to your left will guide you over the mesa to Owen's Loop and down to Option 1.

From option 3, follow the trail up the chunky climb around the golf course. When it T's with Owen's Loop continue left to make your way back to Red Hills Parkway.

Step by Step from Option 1

Go under tunnel and hang a right onto bike path.

2 Miles left off of bike path onto City Creek Trail.

2.13 Miles go left for City Creek, right takes you back under the road and to Rusty Cliffs.

3.2 Miles go right, straight takes you back to bike path.

3.28 Miles go right onto the rock.

4 Miles go right onto short section of singletrack and continue uphill on double track, do not go left into the revegetation area.

4.22 Miles go left up steep sandstone climb, do not go straight into the revegetation area.

4.43 Miles left for Pioneer Hills Trailhead, stay straight to continue on City Creek.

4.4 Miles welcome to Little Moab.

4.62 Miles go right for City Creek.

4.68 Miles stay right

4.77 Miles go left down the hill

4.88 Miles go left on Owen's Loop to drop off the mesa. Right will take you out to Owen's Loop.

5.15 Miles just past carsonite sign, you can go both ways, I prefer right, both end at the same spot.

5.22 Miles the "V", Look before you leap!

5.3 Miles go right uphill. Drop off other side.

5.33 Miles go left to drop back to bike path.

5.45 Miles back to bike path, go right.

5.65 Miles go left into tunnel.

5.75 Miles back to trailhead.

Don't feel like driving? You can easily pedal to this trail.


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City Creek - Trail Map

Trail Map