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Dyno Cliffs
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Getting there...

From St. George, head North on I-15 and take the Washington Parkway Exit 13. Go left on Washington Parkway. The road will go back over the freeway and then head toward St. George. Just as the road turns, you will see a dirt road. This is your trail head.

Riding the trail...

Follow the dirt road, you will have to go over two step overs. This is Grapevine. The dirt road will fork, go left up the steep little climb. The single track awaits you at the top. Follow the single track across the red rocks. The trail ends with a steep climb up a sand hill. Once at the top, there is another step over and you will find yourself on another dirt road. You can turn around and ride the trail back, or drop down the dirt road. Follow the roads South and slightly West and you will run into another fence right before you enter a neighborhood. The paved road in front of you is Main Street in Washington. At the four-way stop, turn left and follow the pavement back to your car.

.85 Go left to continue on grapevine

1 Left onto dyno cliffs

1.75 Steep down

2.25 Sharp left down rocky steep descent, watch speed

2.3 Sharp right at bottom

2.7 Exit hill

2.8 Top of hill go left on dirt road

3.15 Go right

3.55 Go left

3.9 Gate

4.1 Four way stop go left

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Red Cliffs Desert Reserve



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