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Elephant Arch, Bone Wash and Mill Creek
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This is the combination of three washes to create a route that encompasses an entire area and gets some miles on the fatties. Elephant Arch is a wash that ends at an arch the shape of an elephant's trunk. Bone Wash splits off of the wash that takes you to Elephant Arch and wanders North ending abruptly at a stone wall. Mill Creek is a road that heads North and enters the Wilderness Area. Please respect the Wilderness Area and do not ride into it, bicycles are not allowed!

Getting there...

From Red Rock Bicycle Co. head North on Bluff Street. Turn right onto St. George Boulevard. Take the I-15 northbound on ramp. Follow I-15 to the Green Springs exit. Turn left and go back under the freeway. Turn right onto Red Hills Parkway/Buena Vista BLVD. Follow this until it Ts with Main Street in Washing and turn left at the four-way stop. Park on the road. At the end of this road is a gate and the start of a sandy road. This is your trail head.

Riding the trail...

Head North through the gate and onto the sandy road. Follow this road until you enter the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. After the step over continue north until you come to the Bone Wash sign and then go right. Follow the Bone Wash/Elephant Arch signs toward Elephant Arch. Once at Elephant Arch, turn around and follow the signs back to the split in the trail. Follow Bone Wash through the crack in the wall and then ride through the wash until you hit the wall. Once again turn around and follow the wash back out. Once back to the junction, go right and follow the wash until it intersects Mill Creek. Follow the road as it winds through the wash and sandy hills. At the wilderness area sign, dismount your bike. Turn around and follow Mill Creek back to your car.

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