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Prospector to Church Rocks
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The Prospector to Church Rocks cherry stem loop is a great beginner trail and one that can be ridden when it is still wet as the soil is mostly sand. The Prospector section of the trail is mostly smooth, flowy singletrack with a few rocks to keep you on your toes. This connects into the Church Rocks loop that rides the red slickrock on the North side of the freeway.

Getting there...

Head North on I-15 and take the Hurricane Exit 16. Go left at the first traffic light turning onto Old Highway 91.Follow this through the industrial area. Watch for Winkel Distributing on your left. They distribute beer, so look for the beer trucks. Pull into their parking lot, on your right you will see a dirt road that goes under I-15, follow this to the trail head

Riding the trail...

Go north on two track

.5 Stay left onto Prospector.

1.2 Horse trail, stay on single track.

1.4 The steps are ride-able, but it's a good idea to take a look first.

2.5 The sand pit. Stay to the right of the trail for best chance of cleaning.

3.65 Illegal trail go right.

3.7 T in trail go left.

4.1 Go right into a big sweeping turn. Then go left.

4.3 Go right twice and climb up the sandstone.

4.35 Go left.

4.5 The trail makes a 180 to the right and climbs up the sandstone.

4.6 Go right up the biggest climb of the trail.

5.5 The trail drops back down off the bluff. It is ride-able but a little hairy.

6.15 Back at the T, go left.

7.2 Stop and smell the Cholla.

7.3 Back to the sand pit.

8.45 Back at the steps. If you can ride up them, make sure to record it. Otherwise, we won't believe you.

9.25 Stay right for the trailhead.

9.85 Trailhead.

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Red Cliffs Desert Reserve



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