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Quail Creek Overnighter
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Quail Creek is a great spot to try out bikepacking or a quick overnighter for those who just have that itch to escape. There is water at the campground, spots can be reserved and jumping in the lake after a hot pedal feels amazing.

For more info and reservations, go here.

Getting there...

Starting from Red Rock Bicycle:

  1. Head East on 100 South. (big shoulder)
  2. Turn right on 300 West. (bike lane)
  3. Turn left on 300 South. (bike lane)
  4. Go straight across 700 East and then make a right on 800 East. (very low traffic, part of DSU campus)
  5. Head south on 800 East to 700 South and make a quick jump up onto the sidewalk to get under the Freeway.
  6. Use the traffic light on 900 East to cross 700 South and continue south toward 900 South. (big should, low traffic)
  7. Turn left on 900 South. (bike route)
  8. Turn right onto 1100 East.
  9. At Riverside Drive, cross the road and enter the Doctor's Volunteer Clinic's parking lot.
  10. Head east on the Virgin River Trail. (paved bike path)
  11. Follow the bike path to its terminus on Waterfront Drive and turn right.
  12. Turn right on Riverside Drive. (big shoulder)
  13. Riverside Drive will begin to climb and turn north. At the top of the climb on your right, you will hit another bike path that will take you to Sullivan Soccer Park.
  14. Turn right onto Washington Fields Drive/300 East.
  15. Turn left onto 400 South.
  16. Turn right onto Main Street.
  17. Continue North on Main Street until you hit dirt.
  18. Continue North to the second right hand turn (the first will take you to the same spot but is awful sandy).
  19. Follow the dirt road to the Grapevine Trailhead. This is the last chance to refill water. There is a Maverick just on the other side of the freeway.
  20. Follow Grapevine to Prospector.
  21. Prospector will take you to Red Cliffs.
  22. Turn right to head out of the Recreation Area.
  23. Turn right on 6300 North.
  24. Turn left on 318.

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