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Rim Runner & Rim Reaper
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The Rim Runner & Rim Reaper are the little brothers to the Barrel Roll. Located on the adjacent mesa. The trails are short and laid out in a flower pedal style loop meaning that all the trails kind of loop back around to a centralish location.

Getting there...

From St. George head North on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset BLVD. Follow Sunset into Santa Clara. Turn left on Gates Lane just before the Jacob Hamblin home. Follow the dirt road and take the first left. Follow the signs to the trailhead.

Riding the trail...

From the trail head, continue on the road that brought you in and drop down into Cove Wash. Follow the dirt road into the bottom and then turn to your left and follow the double track up the other side, things will be really steep for the climb out. Once out of Cove Wash, follow the double track until you see the sign indicating the trail and turn right. At the end of the double track there is a step over and trail sign. Go left and follow the single track up the mesa. This section of trail will intersect the dirt road you were just on. Go straight through and enjoy the drop off. From this point, we recommend you always go left. The trail is set up in a kind of flower petal configuration, meaning the trails kind of loop back on themselves. By always going left you will hit every section of trail except the connector that goes through the middle of the mesa. Once back at the dirt road you can follow the single track back down or the dirt road will take you directly back to the step over.

Step by Step


  1. Follow Cove Wash West downhill.
  2.  .2 miles at the bottom of the hill go left.
  3. .3 miles stay right on Rim Rock and prepare to climb.
  4. .6 miles go right on unmarked singletrack and then continue up dirt road.
  5. 1 mile go over step over and immediately take a left onto Rim Reaper singletrack.
  6. 1.45 miles stay left on Rim Reaper. Rim Rambler takes you back to dirt road.
  7. At 2 miles go straight across dirt road and continue on Rim Rock singletrack.
  8. At Rim Rock Y it is time to pick a direction. We prefer left. At 2.3 miles.
  9. At 2.45 miles go left on Rim Runner.
  10. Go left at Rim Runner Y.
  11. 2.85 miles take singletrack to left to go to the point.
  12. 2.95 miles you are at the point.
  13. Flip around and go back down point trail.
  14. At Rim Runner intersection stay left.
  15. 3.25 miles back at Rim Runner Y, stay left.
  16. 3.25 stay left on Rim Rock.
  17. 3.35 miles stay left past connector.
  18. At 3.65 miles stay left past connect.
  19. 4.75 miles back at Rim Rock intersection, go left.
  20. 5.05 miles go straight across road onto Rim Ramble.
  21. 5.6 miles stay right on Rim Reaper. (signed Rim Rock coming from the bottom).
  22. 6.05 miles back at the step over.
  23. 6.4 go left onto unmarked singletrack and then left on dirt road.
  24. Dirt road drops off the mesa.
  25. 6.8 miles go right on Cove Wash West and climb out of canyon.
  26. 6.9 miles stay left on more worn dirt road.
  27. 7 miles back at the trailhead.


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Santa Clara River Reserve



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