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Suicidal Tendencies
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Suicidal Tendencies is the newest addition of trail in the Santa Clara River Reserve. It adds another 4+ miles to the top of Sidewinder. As the name suggests this trail is not a beginner trail. The turns are tight, there is plenty of exposure and the climbs are steep.

Getting there...

Head North on Bluff Street. Turn left onto Sunset BLVD. Follow Sunset into Santa Clara where it will become Santa Clara Drive. Just before the Jacob Hamlin home turn left onto Gates Lane. Follow the road through the first right corner and then take the dirt road on your left. Follow the Santa Clara River Reserve signs to the trail head.

Riding the trail...

Sidewinder is a lollypop loop with the loop at the top of the climb. Suicidal Tendencies drops off of this loop. Once on Suicidal simply follow the single track.

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Santa Clara River Reserve



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Trail Map
Trail Reviews

Suicidal for Life

August 13, 2013

As the trail review implies, this trail isn't for beginners. It's a true representation of how beautiful and rugged our trails can be. An intermediate-skilled rider would agree that this trail may not be the smoothest at times, but in the end...the smoother the rider the smoother the trail. I truly enjoy this gem, and it makes quite an epic night ride. Each session tests and hones my skills--it's a kind of an experience which leaves one with an ear-to-ear grin with a few hollers on the way back down! Don't be dismayed by the other review. Not sure what other "feature" this trail would need (switchbacks, exposure, scenic views, climbing, descents, step downs, keyholes and slick rock sure are plenty).

Should be called toe jammer....

April 08, 2013

This trail is ok...I know it wasn't designed by mtn. bikers otherwise it would have incorporated more features. It is really a hard tail trail. There isn't really anything tricky except for the switchbacks, which are just too tight for any type of flow. I would ride it on a cooler day if other friends haven't been on it ever...but otherwise, it isn't really too exciting. Kind of a shame too because it gets you way out there away from almost any sign of people and other rides. If they would let us incorporate "features" into it, I would be up for riding it again.

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