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The Zen Trail is most likely the longest six miles of trail you will ever encounter. The trail goes straight up the mesa and then continues to climb as it shoves obstacle after obstacle in your way. If you are into techy riding, this is a must ride for the St. George area.

Getting there...

From St. George head South on Bluff Street. Turn right on Black Ridge Drive. Follow this until it T's with Dixie Drive and then go left. Follow Dixie Drive around the mesa and then go left on Canyon View Drive. Follow Canyon View past the Green Valley Spa to the dirt parking lot at the end of the pavement.

Riding the trail...

From the dirt parking lot, look to the West and notice the Gap. The Gap is the small divide in the mesa you are looking at. The Zen starts on the South of the Gap. There is a dirt road that will take you up the mesa. It is a steep, loose climb. At the top of the dirt road, follow the tire tracks onto the single track. Once you have found the single track simply follow the most traveled trail. When you are on slick rock, look for cairns. This will take you to the top of the mesa and then reward you with a pretty fun downhill. The Upper Zen will end as you do a steep, rocky drop into canyon. To ride the Lower Zen, as you leave the canyon stay to the left and you will see tracks heading back up the slick rock. Follow this as it turns into single track. This will take you back to your car.

Step by Step

.24 Miles turn right onto singletrack.

.83 Miles back to dirt road, continue straight on singletrack to keep going uphill.

1 Mile top of dirt road, continue on singletrack down through V then up steep line.

1.18 Miles continue straight.

1.22 Miles go straight.

1.3 Miles stay left.

1.65 Miles steep, punchy climb.

1.86 Miles go left down rocky section. Then loop right onto singletrack.

2.41 Miles stay left. Right goes to rock alter

2.43 Miles you have reached the top and the viewpoint.

2.8 Miles, Billy Goat Hill.

3.15 Miles sharp right for flat line or go straight for the steep roller.

3.34 Miles go left. Right is a dumb short cut.

3.46 Miles Juniper Tree.

3.88 Miles left for steep drop in. Right for flat line and hairpin turn.

3.95 Miles go left up steep singletrack, follow cairns.

4.1 Miles steep rocky descent followed by drop on hairpin corner.

4.18 Miles wash.

4.22 Miles stay left wrapping around the north side of the wash. Followed by steep, rocky climb. Continue up.

4.35 Miles stay left onto sandstone

4.84 Miles stay right on well worn singletrack.

4.91 Miles dirt road, singletrack on the left.

5.12 Miles dirt road crossing stay straight on singletrack.

5.18 Miles dirt road, follow to 5.21 where the singletrack is on your left.

5.32 Miles stay left on worn singletrack. Fade singletrack on right bails to dirt road.

5.77 Miles back to the trailhead.

Please note that the Zen trail is not signed.

Don't feel like driving? You can easily pedal to this trail.


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Zen Trail - Trail Map

Trail Map