Oh yeah! That ride was epic!
But now its time for the epicness of a gastronomic sort. And the age-old debate begins:
“Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, I don’t know. Umm. . . Where do you want to go?“
“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?”
Hold on! I’ve got your answer! You want to go to Even Stevens in downtown Saint George, right on the Boulevard.
Why Even Stevens, you say?
There are many reasons to check out Even Stevens, a local eatery with some amazing food (local to Utah, if you want to consider anything started in Utah as local, which I do for the purposes of this article). And beer. And did I mention amazing food?

First, a little background:
Now with 17 locations, and more to come, Even Stevens was opened in Salt Lake City in 2014, by Steve Down (check out this article on him in HuffPost). He realized that the food industry should, and could, do something to help fight hunger.
So he did something about it.
The idea is that for every sandwich, burrito, or salad (wrapped in a carby something to be eligible)—and this applies to catering orders, too—Even Stevens will donate an equal amount in food to a non-profit partner that helps the hungry. Cool, right?
And Even Stevens is nailing it, both as a business and as a partner for good: as of the end of August 2017, all locations have cumulatively donated the equivalent of 1 MILLION, 849 THOUSAND, 957 sandwiches!! That’s almost 2 million sandwiches! And the Saint George store alone has donated 139 THOUSAND, 584 of those! That’s so cool, right?! And if you’ve eaten there, you’ve contributed.
Which is totally awesome, proving what many social entrepreneurs, or, as Down and others call themselves, Conscious Capitalists, are finding: people WANT to support businesses that are doing good in the community. (Not all socially-conscious entrepreneurs give back to their community by literally giving to their community. Many support their community by being involved in other ways, like participating in local organizations, helping get more kids on bikes, etc.)
So who does Even Stevens give to? I spoke to Chris Chang, the Saint George Even Stevens marketing guy, and got the lowdown. Our ES splits their donations between four local non-profit groups: The Utah Food Bank, The Dove Center, Switchpoint, and The Learning Center for Families (TLC). Even Stevens tallies up the donations monthly, and then splits the donations four ways, giving money to Sysco as a donation, who then delivers what food is ordered by the non-profit partners.
The Utah Food Bank
Not only does Even Stevens give money, but twice monthly their staff works at the food bank however they are needed on the front lines. They also help directly feed hungry kids and families through schools monthly: the 1st Friday at Washington Elementary, and the 3rd Friday at Legacy Elementary downtown.
The Dove Center Because of the sensitive nature of this non-profit, Even Stevens donates food, but also helps with fundraisers and the like. One big fundraiser Even Stevens staff participates in is the annual gift-wrapping outreach a Zions Outlet Mall on the east side of town.
Even Stevens donates food to feed hungry families, and also volunteers time for fundraisers like photography, cleaning the center, family nights, and the like.
At Switchpoint, Even Stevens helps provide daily meals, plus staff volunteers twice monthly to stock the pantry and help in the resources center doing things like editing resumes or helping with cover letters, or whatever else needs to be done.

Another way Even Stevens tries to build community is through their music program: weekly live music, Thursday-Sunday, Sunday brunch music, open Mic bimonthly, and live music showcase quarterly (check their Facebook page for details). Also, each performer gets paid an hourly rate, with is super cool.
And they also have a cornhole set up 24/7. In store. Who can pass that up? Go start a tournament!
img class=”size-large wp-image-9609 aligncenter” src=”https://redrockbicycle.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/cornhole-660×880.jpg” alt=”” width=”660″ height=”880″ />
But all this generousness and benevolence wouldn’t work if Even Stevens didn’t have dang good food!

And their food is good! They’ve got good eats for all sorts of eaters: meaties, veggies, even gluten-free. Their sandwiches are epic: My daughter LOVES their Sprang Chicken, with roasted chicken, provolone, bacon, avo, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and honey mustard.
Others swear by Da Gouda (and who doesn’t like a gouda joke, am I right?!), with roast beef, smoked gouda, sweet onion marmalade, red onion, and greens on sourdough.
Still, others adore their Pot Roast Dip, which consists of turkey pot roast, swiss, red onion, jalapeno jelly, on a baguette or sourdough (and why wouldn’t you choose a baguette?) with a side of au jus.
And for your veggies, the Capreezy, grilled with fresh mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, arugula, balsamic glaze, and sourdough is amazing! And the Jackfruit Torta: with jackfruit carnitas, pepitas, guacamole, salsa Morita, radish, cilantro, lettuce, pickled onions, all on a sweet bun. . . this is one sandwich you need to try at least once in your life, whether vegetarian or not!
And there is also their Mihami Vice. Or the JP Grilled Cheese (um-yes please, you tasty jalapenos!). Or the Banh Mi. Or the Hummazing Vegan. Yes. All dang good!
Of course, if a tasty breakfast burrito is what your hankering for, any time of the day, theirs is AMAZING, in both grad (with spinach, onions, tomatoes) or undergrad (without that good stuff), eggs, tater tots, and some kind of tasty sauce that’ll leave your mouth watering when you think about it later, plus other variations.
And don’t forget the Mac & Cheese. Or the Party Tots. Or even their house salad, with amazing house-made dressing.
Did I mention All-You-Can-Eat French Toast on Sundays? (Not this french toast, pictured below. This is the amazing stuff. The special, extra-amazing french toast. But look at that? How could I not put a picture of this french toast?)

And Even Stevens sells local coffee from River Rock Roasting Company in La Verkin (yum! Plus free coffee with student ID!), along with local (Utah local, remember?) beers and other products.

It was that first time I went to Even Stevens—after a super-fun mtb ride (like we regularly have around here, honestly, because St. George is AMAZING for mtbing!) with my Beginnermediate Women’s mtb group—and ordered a Capreezy sandwich, along with an Apricot Hefeweizen, that I first fell in love with Even Stevens.
And it’s the tasty food, party atmosphere, good music, and the fact that they DO GOOD that keeps me going back, whether for that amazing Grad Burrito I had yesterday or the next time I go in and order the Jackfruit Torta.
So the next time you’re in Saint George, riding some epic mountain trail, or participating in some epic road ride, like the upcoming Tour de St. George on October 21st, (sponsored by Red Rock Bicycle, who is also partnering with Switchpoint on this ride to “Break the Cycles of Homelessness” in our area!), make sure you check out our epic eatery, Even Stevens.
You’ll get a chance to eat good food, drink good beverages, and do good service.

Written by Summer Barry
Designer, writer, mtb coach, to name a few